You're never too old to learn a new language
It is never too late to learn a new language. I have successfully taught a wide variety of students from age 8 to 80.
Many of my students have become my friends. Some were absolute beginners and are now fluent Spanish speakers. We continue to meet on a regular basis in order to practice  and catch up on all the news.
Testimonials from my students:
“Learning Spanish with Jane is fun. After being in a large class with no opportunity to practise Spanish conversation I ended up with limited vocabulary, no grammar and speaking Spanish with a French accent! She has helped me enormously and although not yet fluent, I feel I am making good progress towards achieving my goals.” - Liz (Norton Disney)
“I value my lessons with Jane because of her patience. I feel that I can discuss anything with her and ask any questions. My Spanish has improved tremendously since I have been having one to one conversations with Jane.” - J.P. (Southwell)
“Jane has been patiently trying to teach me and my friends Spanish for the past year. She is extremely good even if I as a student test her skills as a teacher to the full. I love our lessons and we have a great time trying to learn this lovely language. I would recommend Jane to anyone who wishes to learn Spanish.” - Christine (Newark)
“Jane is a very patient teacher. After taking GCSE Spanish and achieving a ‘C’ grade in August 2008, attending Jane’s classes has reinforced my understanding of the Spanish language. Jane’s own experiences in Spain have enabled her to relate to her pupils in a positive and fun way.” - Sue (North Hykeham)
“I really enjoy my lessons with Jane. She is very supportive, helpful and good at picking up on my errors – making sure that I know how to correct them. She always manages to pitch the speed of the class perfectly, which in turn helps me to progress at my own pace. I am pleased to have more confidence in speaking Spanish now when on holiday.” - Liz (Burton Joyce)
“We really enjoy learning Spanish with Jane, she really relaxes you and puts you at ease. Whatever your age she can teach you in a practical, easy to understand way. My Mum is testament to this given her reluctance to learn. She is now loving learning and cannot wait for her next lesson. Jane is a wonderful teacher, so thanks a million.” - Eve & Cheryl (Collingham)
“I have had Spanish lessons with Jane for about 3 years because I found evening classes did not cater for conversation which is what I wanted. I’m much more confident and we now converse weekly in Spanish and talk and laugh about what has happened through the week. I love my lessons with Jane and can recommend her talent” - Joy (Carlton, Nottingham)
“I enjoy my lessons with Jane as she makes them fun. When I first came I struggled with pronunciation but Jane has helped me over this difficulty. After being in a class it has been a great advantage to have one to one teaching. I would recommend Jane for anyone who is lacking in confidence as she immediately makes you feel at ease. During this time not only have I improved my Spanish but we have become very good friends.” - Evelyn (Notts)
With Jane there is no pressure about how fast you should develop and progress in learning the Spanish language. I will help you every step of the way to ensure you reach your goals at your pace.
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